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This year is celebrating 142 years since the premiere of "The Swan Lake" on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow!

The most prestigious Russian Ballet Band in St. Petersburg comes for the first time in Romania! Do not miss the opportunity to live the most intense story of all time!

For the first time, the most celebrated Russian ballet in St. Petersburg comes to Romania with the extraordinary show "Swan Lake" by Piotr Ilici Tchaikovsky!

Every ballet dancer has the unique opportunity to enjoy classical choreography, the magic of spectacular costumes and the unforgettable performance of the well-known stars of the Russian ballet.

Renowned Russian Ballet Band in St. Petersburg has won worldwide recognition, revolutionized the world of performances, and is now anxious to present the "Swan Lake" to the audience in Romania!

And promises to bring unforgettable impressions to the Romanian public!

The legend of princesses turned into swans by an evil sorcerer, in which his spell can be shattered only by the love of a prince, may even today be the most beautiful ballet story left to posterity and is found in the fairy tales of many peoples .

The Swan Lake is a unique and perfect creation despite the changes in musical and dancing. White Swan is really a symbol of Russian ballet, beauty and magnificence.



Category 1 - 150 lei

Category 2 - 90 lei

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About the Russian Ballet Band in St. Petersburg

Very often the Russian ballet school played an important role in the world, and the classic Russian ballet was considered a Russian business card, a symbol of Russian culture. Strong academic education is one of the most important parts of the professionalism of Russian ballet artists, especially in St. Petersburg. And it can not be different, because it is the most famous ballet school in the world. It is the Vaganova Ballet Academy, founded in 1738, located in St. Petersburg.


Members of the ballet:

Odette - Ana Voytina

Odile - Maria Velikaia

Price Siegfried - Alexandr Voytin / Aslan Karginov

Queen - S. Markov

Rothbard - S. Gaevoy / A. Provotorov

Jester - S. Gaevoy / R. Makhiyanov

Brides - P. Golub, V. Laletina, M. Ushakova, P. Zvereva

Little Swans - A. Epifanova, G. Kadyrova, K. Onuchina, N. Safonova

Big Swans - N. Provotorova, P. Golub, A. Ivkova

Spanish dance - A. Berezovsky, V. Laletina, A. Marchenko, N. Provotorova

Venetian dance - R. Borozdina, M. Onuchin and ballet artists

Hungarian dance - S. Laletin, V. Laletin and ballet artists

Mazurka - ballet artists


The conductor of the ballet - V. Artemyev


Winners of many international competitions